Abie Longstaff

Hi! I’m Abie.

I love the interplay between the text and the illustration in picture books and I tend to sketch out thumbnails as I write. A few years ago I took the art foundation course and talked my way onto a post grad illustration course at St Martins - not to draw but to learn how the words and pictures interact. My books have a lot of text and jokes in the illustrations and I always annoy my illustrators with copious notes on spreads.

I mainly write for Random House and Scholastic, but I squeeze in a sneaky few books for other publishers too.

The Fairytale Hairdresser (Random House) is a fun adventure series about Kittie Lacey, the best hairdresser in Fairytale Town. The books follow Kittie as she helps well known fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters and there are lots of familiar faces to spot in the illustrations.

You can see Lulu reading the first in the series, The Fairytale Hairdresser and Rapunzel, on Cbeebies here.

Pirate Houseswap (Random House) is a silly, quirky book about a family who swap places with pirates.


The Mummy Shop (Scholastic) is all about one small boy's quest to find the best mum ever. Does your mum tell you off for jumping on your bed? Does she make you eat disgusting vegetables? Fear not! The Mummy Shop will help you find the perfect mum – 100% satisfaction guaranteed!


The Malice Family (or How not to be evil geniuses) covers the adventures of a family of evil raccoons.

New books are due in 2014 with Random House and Scholastic.

To discover more about me visit my website: www.abielongstaff.com

To follow me on Twitter: @abielongstaff