Jonathan Allen

Jonathan Allen

I started illustrating children's books as soon as I left Art School (St Martins) a scarily long time ago. I wrote and illustrated (and hand lettered!) a book of nonsense poems called "A Bad Case of Animal Nonsense" using some poems that I had illustrated for my degree show. Including a very graphic version of "I Know an Old Lady (who swallowed a fly)". The cow swallowing picture was somewhat extreme, but fun to draw ;-)

I wasn't writing and illustrating full time then, I had ideas that the band I played bass in in might 'get somewhere', and that the small recording studio we had in the house I lived in might lead one day to an involvement in the recording industry. So children's books was just one of the areas I was exploring.
It was the thing I was best at, and that suited me best, so it wasn't too surprising that the other interests fell away over time. I still play bass and know my way round a mixing desk, but music is just for fun these days.

The real turning point for me was when a Picture book I had written and illustrated, called "Mucky Moose", about an extremely smelly moose, had a co-production published in America, and won a couple of US state library prizes. That made me realise that I should really be taking it all a bit more seriously ;-)

Over the past couple of decades I have written and illustrated quite a few books. Board books for the very young, Picture Books for the not quite so very young and fiction for early readers and young pre teenagers, if that is a category. I have Illustrated other writers work, I illustrated four of the late Margaret Mahy's picture books for instance. So I've been fairly busy.

Nowadays I mainly do picture books for the very young. My series about a grumpy Baby Owl,
(I'm Not Cute! I'm Not Scared! etc) for Boxer Books has sold worldwide and the sixth 'I'm Not' in the series has just been published. It's called "I'm Not Reading!"

Things are quite scary in the children's publishing market at the moment so I'm just glad I'm still chugging along, albeit at a slower pace than in better times. . .

I have an extremely out of date web site - HERE to be updated when I sort out some better software.

A Blog HERE where I post stuff about My illustration work, my photography and my abstract pattern design stuff (I still have too many interests. . .)

and a Tumblr blog thingy HERE where I post fairly random images every day.

I am Jonathan Allen on Facebook

I have a Twitter ID but don't really go there ;-)

Anyway, thanks for reading and enjoy Picture Book Den.



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