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Writing Bio: 
I began writing professionally in 1997. My first 'gig' was to produce a two-page monthly column for Popular Crafts magazine. However it wasn't until 2007 when I was able to tick 'get a picture book published' off my 'bucket' list when I had A Book For Bramble published. My second book The Best Jumper was recorded by the BBC and aired on the CBeeBies radio channel. In 2011 I had my first set of short stories (Anansi The Trickster Spider) published as an ebook, which was followed by a second volume. In 2014 these two books were followed by a collection of short stories featuring Brer Rabbit. A year later I had another collection of short stories published featuring Coyote. In 2017 I worked with hypnotic Christopher Caress on the story book Harvey's Big Sleep which was released in on 1st July.

16 short stories
'Proper' work:
Although I love to write, writing can be a lonely occupation. So I also have a 'proper' job as a teacher. I'm not based in one place but teach in a selection of schools, children's centres, libraries, community centres, etc. I teach a variety of subjects including arts, crafts and creative writing.     

Author visits:
I love to share my passion for writing and crafting, so if you're a teacher or are a member of a social group (based within a 25 miles radius of Stansted Airport) and would like to organise a visit please contact me at  

Social media:
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What I do when I'm not writing:
In my spare I help run a not-for-profit hedgehog rescue centre called Herts Hogline. We rescue sick, injured and orphaned hedgehogs, which is where the idea for my very first story A Book For Bramble came from. Pictured below is one of the many hoglets I've managed to hand rear and release back into the wild. 

I hope you enjoy reading the blogs on the Picture Book Den.