Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Christmas Picture Book Quiz

Christmas in the Emmett household is a time of treasure hunts, puzzles and quizzes.  So I thought I'd bring a little picture-book-based "quizzy-fun-fun" (to use a phrase coined by my son) to this blog.

Here are ten classic picture book covers that, by the magic of Photoshop, have been turned into stained glass windows. Can you guess the title of each book? Click on each image to reveal the answer.

Here's a really easy one to get you started.










And here's a particularly festive one to finish up with!


How did you do?

10/10 Picture book perfect! Congratulations. You're obviously a picture book devotee.
7-9/10 Pretty good. You know your Sendak from your Scheffler.
4-6/10 Not bad, but perhaps you should add a few picture book classics to your Christmas list.
1-3/10 That's an appallingly Gruffa-low score. You need to brush up on your picture book knowledge.

One last window before you go. Can you guess the message that's hidden below? Click the image to reveal the answer.

Jonathan Emmett's latest picture book is Fast and Furry Racers: The Silver Serpent Cup illustrated by Ed Eaves and published by Oxford University Press.

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malachy doyle said...

Weird! I can see the first and last ones, but the rest perplex me. Maybe I'm colour blind or something. I shall keep looking, though. And I'm NOT going to click on them - not until I at least get into the 'not bad' category.

Jonathan Emmett said...

I'm quite relieved to hear you're perplexed, Malachy, as my wife has just told me that they're too easy!
I'm sure you'll know most of them. Try squinting a little. :)

Pippa Goodhart said...

I'm equally bamboozled by most. The Tiger Who Came to Tea and Snowman (plus Hungry Caterpillar, of course) just seem obvious, but the others don't mean a thing to me! I will squeeze the brain cells some more before I give up, though!

Moira Butterfield said...

Five for me - But I rushed it like I did all exams : ) Great fun - Thank you! Once you click on them it's "Doh! Of course!!!". Moira

Pippa Goodhart said...

D'you know what? Scrolling through again, suddenly two more seem blindingly obvious! This is very odd!

malachy doyle said...

Maybe two more now. Good quiz!

John Shelley said...

9 out of 10 :) Stumped by Dogger, a book I'm not familiar with, the others were pretty easy though, I wonder if it's because I'm an illustrator!

John Shelley said...

Green eggs and ham was pretty difficult too though, a lucky guess

malachy doyle said...

No - I only got only two right. My eyes don't work that way. Think I'll stick to being a writer.

Jonathan Emmett said...

9 out of 10 is very impressive, especially given the responses from Malachy, Pippa and Moira.
I suspect illustrators will do better than most people on this as they will be more aware of colour and basic composition. Perception is a funny old thing!

Paeony Lewis said...

Fun! Six for me and I dont' think I'd ever have guessed the other four.

Juliet Clare Bell said...

Nine out of ten. I didn't get number four, but OUR copy of number four has a completely different colour. I could only get half of them by taking off my glasses and relaxing my eyes and letting them be out of focus. It can help to be short-sighted! Fun quiz!

Abie Longstaff said...

Only seven out of ten for me but it was great fun, Jonathan. Thank you :)

Katherine Lynas said...

7 for me, I got stuck on Dogger, Green Eggs and Ham, and Guess How Much I love You. Thanks for the fun quiz :)

Michelle Robinson said...

Totally loved this quiz :)