Monday, 18 December 2017

Missing Vowels Christmas Picture Book Puzzler • Jonathan Emmett

Following on from previous Christmas Quizzes in 2015 and 2016, here's another set of picture book puzzles for you to solve. This year I've taken my inspiration from the "Missing Vowels" round of BBC quiz show Only Connect. For those unfamiliar with the show, I've taken the titles of ten classic picture books, removed all of the vowels and punctuation marks and changed the spaces between the words. For example, THE GRUFFALO might be changed into THG RF FL.

How many ‘disemvowelled’ book titles can you recognise? Click on each image to reveal the answer. To make things more Christmassy – there's a festive theme to the even-numbered titles.











How did you do?

10 O for outstanding: Your knowledge of picture book titles is exemplary!
7–9 A for advanced: A good effort. You know your Child from your Chichester Clark.
4–6 I for intermediate: Not bad, but perhaps you should add a few picture book classics to your Christmas list.
1–3 U for ungraded: A disappointingly Gruffa-low score. You need to brush up on your picture book knowledge.

Jonathan Emmett's sparkling seasonal story Diamond in the Snow, illustrated by Vanessa Cabban, has just been re-published in a new edition from Walker Books.

Find out more about Jonathan and his books at his Scribble Street web site or his blog. You can also follow Jonathan on Facebook and Twitter @scribblestreet.

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Bob Newman said...

I got most of them, but I'm wondering where I can get copies of "Love you, Abel Kangaroo", "We'll note Vera never ate tomato" and "Wool bibs", all of which sound enchanting.

Jonathan Emmett said...

Well done for getting most of them, Bob. Not sure if those other books are available – you may have to write them yourself!

Pippa Goodhart said...

I'm ashamed to say that I scored a big fat 0! I didn't even recognise You Choose! I've got the wrong sort of brain for this, clearly. But I enjoyed (sort of) trying, so thank you, Jonathan!

Jonathan Emmett said...

My wife got most of them when I tested it on her, but I think that's because she has honed her 'missing vowels' skills watching the TV show. I think this may be the hardest quiz I've set yet.

Juliet Clare Bell said...

You've excelled yourself, Jonathan! I've got them all except number 10 which I'm still going to come back to. This is a brilliant (and terrible) time waster. It's like those magic eye pictures -it seems like nothing and then it's suddenly there. I'm going to have to stop myself from checking out that programme. I'd get hooked! Thanks x

Juliet Clare Bell said...

I gave up on 10 because I couldn't do it. I could make ones up that worked and I wasn't far off but I've never heard of that book. Thanks again -that was really fun.