Monday, 15 April 2019

Getting Crafty, by Jane Clarke

Here are a few tried and tested examples of simple, not too messy, activities that might inspire you to create a craft to go with a picture book - one you’ve written or illustrated - or to go with a favourite book you read over and over again to your little one. Have fun!

You'll need to pre-cut coffee filters into the shape of a butterfly.

Provide enough washable felt pens for children to share and one pipe cleaner for every butterfly.
Encourage the children to use lots of colour - vaguely symmetrically.

Fold the pipe cleaner in half and twist onto the wings.
If you’re somewhere where you can do this (better not to attempt in a library), hold the coffee filter butterfly by it's pipe cleaner antennae and squirt with a light mist of water or dip for a moment in a shallow saucer of water. The colours will run together. Spread out on a kitchen towel to dry.

Inspired by Who woke the Baby, by Jane Clarke, illustrated by Charles Fuge 
CD Creature
A local charity shop lets me have their unsaleable CDs/DVDs (make sure the contents are not unsuitable for kids). 
As well as CDs, you’ll need:
Pre-cut ears/nose/paws/trunks/ tails/ monster/alien features (whatever relates to the picture book you’re reading) in card.
large googly eyes and glue sticks
Permanent black markers for facial features (only use under adult supervision! A washable pen won’t make a mark on a CD)

inspired by my friend Ruth who part manages the local Oxfam shop and wanted a use for unsaleable CDs and DVDs. We set up a table at local events and for a small donation to charity, kids can make their own.

Pre-cut card into the shape of a chameleon (this takes a while when you need large numbers!)

Make a 2 metre length of wool into a small ball of wool for each chameleon.
Googly eyes and glue sticks
Wrap the wool around the chameleon’s body, then stick on the eyes.

This chameleon is orange because it’s inspired by Neon Leon, by Jane Clarke, illustrated by BrittaTeckentrup

Other pre cut-out crafts I've done include
inspired by Sky Private Eye by Jane Clarke illustrated by Loretta Schafer
and Bats -great for anything halloween-related but very quick to do, so allow 2 or 3 per child so they can make a family. Google eyes and white pencils are a must, cheap star stickers a fun addition.

Of course, there are often activity sheets, too. Check out the Picture Book Denner's downloadable sheets - and enjoy getting crafty! 

Jane’s latest craft is a green-eyed tree frog inspired by her newest picture book, Leap Frog, illustrated by Britta Teckentrup. 


Lynne Garner said...

Great Post. Thank you.

I'll bookmark it so I can use in my story sacks sessions, where I encourage parents and childrens to make something linked to their favourite picture book.

Jane Clarke said...

Thanks Lynne

Emma Perry said...

This is really useful, thanks. I love doing arts and crafts with kids.

Jane Clarke said...

Thanks, Emma, have fun!