Monday 1 July 2024

Did you know that UK authors get together? Moira Butterfield

 IMPORTANT TIP! There’s a very useful thing you can do to help you feel happier as an author, and that’s talk to other authors! 

 I can recommend this from experience. A few years ago a fellow author introduced me to the Scattered Authors Society, a UK-wide group of traditionally published children’s authors of all sorts (with some living in other parts of Europe). It was set up by authors for authors. Authors do the admin and run the online chats and events for each other. 


There’s a retreat or two held every year for those who'd like to spend a few days in person with fellow authors. The attendees run creative workshops for each other and spend precious time writing as well as socialising. I went to my first one filled with trepidation and imposter syndrome, but I didn’t have to worry. I soon made connections and found the creative author-run workshops a revelation. They have really helped me to free-up and vary my writing. The workshops are varied and inclusive, from creative art to problem-solving sessions and writing games that push creative buttons! 


Meanwhile there’s a Facebook group for us to chat privately between ourselves. Anyone can post a question or observation – does someone have advice on school visit fees, a new keyboard, a book title dilemma, a difficult edit, getting a new agent or chasing payment, for example? There are sensible rules to the group – nothing defamatory – to make it work the best it can. Twitter/X it most definitely is not. It’s friendly and supportive. 


We are planning on having more local meetings in the future, where authors in the same area get together to have some fun creative time with minimal cost. We had our first local meet-up of 'sassies' in the southwest last week, and we were so excited to be together we talked and talked, as well as having a writing game or two and eating the delicious treats brought by everybody. 


We also have regular zoom get-togethers for members who want to drop by online. Some of these are social ‘hellos’ and we’ve decided that some in the future are going to focus on specific topics of interest to authors - school visits or applying for grants, for example. By pooling our knowledge we benefit each other. 


There are regular blogs, too, on books that people have read and would like to discuss. 


The whole thing is a £15 fee for life – just a one-off payment and you’re in for good! 


Do check out the website at  (where you’ll be greeted with a picture of our fab winter woodland retreat location).  


It would be great to welcome you! 

Moira Butterfield has published many books for children. She is looking forward to August, when Nosy Crow publishes Welcome to Our Playground, the follow-up to her bestselling Welcome to Our World. Nosy Crow will also be publishing Look What I Found by the River, a follow-up in Moira's National Trust Look What I Found series. 

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