Monday, 24 July 2017

Now For Something A Little Different • Lynne Garner

I was recently asked to visit a school as part of their 'aspirations day' and talk about being an author. As I have close ties with the school I agreed. The day came and I was led to the second year room and sat in front of 20 or so year two children. After introducing myself and telling them about my typical writing day I asked if there were any questions. The first question I was asked was where do you get your ideas from? My response was anywhere and everywhere. Including:

  • Seeing random objects whilst I'm out walking
  • Sitting in a pub or similar, especially when I overhear an interesting conversation     
  • On the train, again overheard conversations are wonderful generators of ideas   
  • In the car as a passenger when I'm watching the world go by
  • Reading snippets in a newspaper, when I should be cleaning out hutches
My last example received a giggle or two. I admitted my last flash of inspiration was whilst sitting on the loo of a very quaint tea room. Among the many photographs was this one of a donkey, wearing a fab utility coat full of pockets and interesting items. I have a few ideas floating around but nothing concrete, yet.

I was then asked how random objects could generate a story. I replied things can spark different ideas based on our life experiences and our imagination. So here is the 'now for something a little different' part of this post.

Below I've inserted a few random objects I've photographed whilst out walking. I'm inviting you to give one of these objects a story, a life of it's own. Go on give it a go. I'd love to read what life you think these objects had prior to being lost or discarded in the grass.

If you've taken the time to write a few words thank you. I hope you enjoyed the process and fingers crossed it may even give you an idea for your next piece of writing.



Now for a blatant plug:

Hedgehog of Moon Meadow Farm


Anne Booth said...

I love the writing prompts!

ptnozell said...

Can only imagine the possible tales that donkey could tell, and I'm sure the ball has quite a history, too. Great finds!

Lynne Garner said...

Patricia - I wish I could take credit for finding the ball, that was the dog. She could smell them from miles away. I hasten to add it was in that state when she found it.

Lucy Rowland said...

I'm imagining a story about a rather glamorous football player. Water bottle?...check! Football?...check! Furry leapoard print goalie gloves?...check!!!

Lynne Garner said...

Lucy - love the way you've used all three. Perhaps glamorous because the team are dressing up for a charity football match and the gloves are being worn by the goal keeper?

Paeony Lewis said...

Perhaps a squirrel wants to wear clothes like humans and the glove makes a great hat until...!

Lynne Garner said...

Paeony - That would make a great spread in a picture. Perhaps your squirrel sets a trend and the squirrels end up acquiring items of clothes from all manner of fun places.

Jane Clarke said...

Tiger has embarked on a life of crime involving wanton destruction of footballs, wearing Leopard gloves in an attempt to confuse Detective Dog. But Detective Dog is on the scent... :-)